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Help revolutionize crypto simply by holding $ZPRO and following us you will stay up to date with our products and updates.

Our revolutionary anti-scam-engine is currently at beta stage which we will continue to optimize and update to meet our high standards before listing on a desirable exchange platform.



All listed projects are checked by experienced developers

Providing you specialist tools to analyse a contract professionally yourself

Zat Tools has no advertisements and no voting, just curated projects for you to consider objectively.

We will have a regularly updated list of scam warnings available

The ZAT journey began several years after the members of ZAT had made many losses on multiple crypto projects, due to scams rugs honeypots they decided to make change so the idea of ZAT formed. Very carefully a team was formed in June 2021 and that was the birth of ZAT. After drawing up a plan and brainstorming multiple tools/feutures and what the platform would offer they began to work around the clock to bring their vision/ideas to life.

On 10th September 2021 the first official ZAT currency was released, this was a true fair launch the ZAT team wanted to prove they are fair and took multiple measures to ensure this was a true fairlaunch. The launch was a great success bringing in a large amount of new investors who supported the ZAT vision. We have a growing community on Telegram who are passionate about the project and want this much needed change.

We know this is a huge task to undertake but we are confident we are capable to make it happen, with the great community we have wich is always growing. By supporting this project you are helping people save huge sums of crypto that is lost to avoidable scams that happen everyday in the millions. If you share our vision of scam free crypto then please share ZAT!

To Project Team, 

Free listing subject to successful application this month!

ZAT is bringing you the first unbiased listing platform, you will recieve exclusive benefits for being listed at no cost to you. Our goal is to help legitimate tokens to reach millions of investors without them having to search through thousands of scams. This will enable us to make DeFi more streamlined and appealing to new Crypto enthusiast's. 

Benefits on listing with ZAT tools:

- ZAT is not a crowded listing site like most sites

- No ads will be displayed

- No paid promotions 

- Real investors

- You will be noticed by other listed coin holders

- We only show a limited amount of coins on our homepage 

- We are selective of who we list based on a strict listing criteria 

-Twitter post for your coin once approved and listed

-Youtube videos will feuture our listed coins. More promos TBA for those that will be listed during November. 

We look forward to hearing back from you!

Best regards, 

ZAT Team

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